Chicago Railroad Injury Lawyers

FELA (Federal Employer Liability Act)

Working people who are employed by transportation systems involving the operation of our nation’s railroads have been protected for over one hundred years by FELA. This federal law applies to all of the railroads in Illinois and provides protections to all employees including those who might have received an injury through the course of their employment with a company associated with the operation of such a railroad. These work injuries are compensated under FELA rather than under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act.

The Chicago FELA attorneys at Cohen and Bodo have represented workers who have received serious and disabling injuries in the course of their employment with railroad companies. These workers can find recovery for:

  1. Past and future medical expenses;
  2. Past and future loss of earnings;
  3. Pain and suffering; and
  4. Temporary or permanent disability.

The railroad injury attorneys at Cohen and Bodo can help an injured worker be successful in recovering for such a workplace accident. It is necessary to prove a railroad company failed to provide the proper equipment or safe work conditions and that such a failure caused the injury to the worker. We have helped such seriously injured workers by gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses and hiring experts in order to prove such injured workers are entitled to be compensated for their losses.

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