Teen Driving Safety: Car Accidents Still Leading Cause of Death For Teens

by Cohen Bodo

CarTeen driving continues to be the number one cause of death of teens. Are graduated licenses and distracted driving laws cutting down on teen accidents and deaths? The latest detailed data is from 2014. Teens accounted for 7% of deaths caused by car accidents, and 9% of all serious injuries. Any injury that prevents the victim from performing their day to day activities are considered serious injuries. These include things like severe cuts, concussions, internal injuries, and broken bones.

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Robotic Surgery in Northbrook

Cohen Bodo by Cohen Bodo

Operating roomIs robotic surgery error-proof?

The medical industry is continuously developing new pharmaceutical drugs, treatment therapies, patient safety protocols and surgical procedures that improve patient outcomes for people in Illinois and elsewhere. In recent years, robotic surgery has picked up in popularity due to its non-invasive methods. Manufacturers have marketed the benefits of robotic surgery as including shorter recovery time, less time in the hospital, less bleeding and a short incision, reducing scarring.

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