Vehicle Defects a Top Cause of Accidents

by Cohen Bodo

Car AccidentsMotor vehicle manufacturers are required by law to design and manufacture vehicles that meet minimum safety standards as a protection for consumers. Vehicles have hundreds of parts, however, and even with stricter safety regulations, extensive testing and advances in technology, defects and design flaws still occur. In fact, according to the Washington Post, one in five cars produced in 2014 had some type of defect. That number is higher than any other year. Unfortunately, some of these issues can cause serious, and even deadly accidents. read more

Legal Rights of Injured Passengers in Illinois

by Cohen Bodo

car collideWhen two or more vehicles are involved in an accident in Illinois, each driver must notify his or her insurance company to begin the process of filing a claim, determining fault and securing coverage for any damage or personal injury. An injured passenger is in a unique position, though, and their legal rights and options aren’t always clear.

The Illinois Department of Transportation announced that statewide traffic-related fatalities haven’t exceeded 1,000 since 2008. However, more than 61,000 accidents caused injuries last year, and 22,000 passengers were among the injured. These passengers may receive insurance compensation in a few different ways.
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